All tribal and indigenous persons are welcomed at UCI. It is our goal to develop and maintain a strong Acjachemen and Tongva presence on our campus.

About AIRP

The American Indian Resource Program (AIRP) in the Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP) in the School of Education at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) strives to provide a flexible array of institutional support services for American Indian students, their families, and their communities as each student progresses through their individual journey of the various California educational systems; with a primary emphasis on the University of California system.

The mission of the AIRP at UCI is to support Tribal and Indigenous stakeholders through systemic advocacy.  Further, the AIRP pursues, develops, coordinates, and initiates opportunities and experiences that contribute to student fulfillment of personal, professional, and leadership goals in their selected disciplines.  A degree from the University of California, Irvine is viewed as currency across the globe.  UCI Tribal and Indigenous students are able to apply their UCI credentials worldwide.  In addition, the AIRP encourages students to retain their community connection and their drive to contribute to the effective use and management of Tribal community resources in a manner culturally consistent with their affiliated Tribal entities.

AIRP goals include increasing American Indian and Indigenous individuals that:

  • are academically prepared to enter UCI.
  • are academically prepared to transfer to UCI from a California community college.
  • are enrolled at UCI.
  • enjoy a comprehensive college experience at UCI, especially the initiation of lifelong relationships.
  • complete their academic requirements to graduate from UCI in a timely manner.
  • participate in alumni activities after graduation to enrich the collegiate experience of the next generation of Tribal UCI students.
  • encourage their affiliated Tribal and Indigenous communities to seek access and engagement of the UC System through the AIRP at UCI.